Past Eras Awaken, Volume 2 (Audio CD)

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These audiobooks contain facets of the high points and turning-points in the history of humanity. Their purpose is not limited to historical research but goes beyond such findings. The accounts are free from all the additions of subsequent influences pertaining to power and geopolitics, thus making it possible to understand the events of that time in the context of their origin and course of development. The actual content of the books is the spiritual development of mankind in times past, as received and portrayed by human beings called for the purpose.

tells of the much-debated, legendary Atlantis, followed by the Incas who, in their vast realm in Central and South America attained a level of supremacy in human existence – politically, economically and artistically – rarely seen in the history of the peoples of this earth. Next follows the first earthly Fulfilment from out of the Light in Abd-ru-shin, his youth and maturing in the realm of the Ismanites and his life in the realm of the Is-Ra; thereafter the life of Cassandra, as the second Grace from out of the Light, her suffering and her untiring help for the people of Troy; then the work of John the Baptist; and lastly, in the third manifestation of God’s Love, through Jesus of Nazareth, the reader/listener experiences in the objective, poetically beautiful language of this volume, the youth of the Son of God and His recognition: “I am He”.

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